Xhorse Condor XC-Mini Plus Cut HU100 too Short?


Just started using a xhorse condor xc-mini plus and I’m having problems. It’s cutting the key blanks too short so they work in the door lock but not in the ignition if that makes sense. I just read a hu100 lock (8 cuts its a 2010 corsa) then I got the original key and copied it on the machine both numbers match I then cut the blade and its approx 1 cm short of the original cut. Any idea how to fix it?

Hu100 Too Short



Ignition 10 cut, door locks 8 cut. Your 2 bits short on the ignition.

Choose HU100 10 cut. Not 8 cut. Leave 2 blank.

If not calibration check thickness of blank .
Had it the other day cut 1 with xc mini and one manual still same.
Both worked in lock but not ignition.
Turned out to be the thickness of the blank.