Xhorse Condor II or Dolphin XP005L for Household Keys?

Entry question:

Looking to buy my first horse key cutting machine mainly for auto and household key duplication. Should I go for the Dolphin XP005L or the Condor II? Any recommendations?


They have the same car key database.

As for household key cutting, xhorse dolphin I and dolphin II will not cut house key by bitting. You need to write the bitting yourself.

Dolphin will duplicate only.

Dolphin will cut household keys via Universal Key Duplication only if you have a working key.

Condor Xc mini plus 2 will cut them by code. It is the only xhorse machine has the option to cut house keys by code.

The Condor II machine allows you to use custom bitting directly on the machine. You also need the M4 clamp. Once you learn to create and use custom bitting, the machine will cut extremely accurately, usually within a thousandth of an inch.


Xhorse M4 Clamp

What household keys does it in the database?

It has a lot of key types in the 100s for house keys.
Kwikset KW1, KW10, Schlage SC1, SC4, & Y1 etc.

You can check household key types in the menu.

Xhorse Condor Ii Household Key 1

Xhorse Condor Ii Household Key 2

Xhorse Condor Ii Household Key 3


Generally, Dolphin is a better option for van. If you want to go with Condor you can buy a battery/converter kit that comes with 12v van and wall outlet.

I like my condor mini plus ii with the battery conversion. I charge it from the 12v outlet and it lasts for 20-30 keys depending. I also have the battery powered condor duplicator that also charges from the 12v car port. The Condor ii works great, the cover protects from flying debris, and it is controllable using the screen or key tool max or cellphone app.


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