Xhorse Condor II Error Code 56 Solution

If had an error code 56 problem with your Xhorse Condor xc-mini plus ii key cutting machine, here is a working solution.


Error code 56

The cutter is short circuited, check the cutter conductivity.

Xhorse Condor Ii Error Code 56 1


First of all, as the error code indicated check the condor ii conductivity as follows:

How to Check Xhorse Condor II Conductivity?

If none of the cables are broken, you can ignore the conductivity problem.
If the machine shuts off as it’s starting to cut, do the following:

Remove those screws to take off the machine screen

Find out the main board of xhorse condor ii, then remove the resister (marked red in the last image) and short it up.

Xhorse Condor Ii Error Code 56 2