Xhorse Condor II Error 20 Cannot Spin and Cut Solution


I bought an xhorse condor xc mini plus ii one year ago. After the last update, it showed error 20!

Can not spin and do any cuts.

Read that I have to remove the same resistor from the motherboard, but the problem is my board it’s different from the website. How to solve this problem?

Condor Xc Mini Plus Ii Error 20 Solution 1

Here is the solution:

That’s not the motherboard, that’s the spindle driver board, which is correct for your issue. I repair condors and usually, bad spindle driver boards just need to be replaced. Occasionally you get lucky and it’s just one of the wires slightly pulled out of one of the wire clips. Go to have to just order a new spindle driver.

Check all the wires, if they are all seated all the way down in the clips then you’ll need a new board.

Condor Xc Mini Plus Ii Error 20 Solution 2

Customer’s feedback:

Thank you very much!!!

I found the transistor!!!!

I just have done it, bridge on the transistor.

That reduces the resistance with 50%, and the condor ii machine starts spinning again.

Condor Xc Mini Plus Ii Error 20 Solution 3Condor Xc Mini Plus Ii Error 20 Solution 4