Xhorse BMW EWS Remote Manual Programming Not Working?

Tried to program remote manually BMW X5 E53 2004 using Xhorse wire remote.
Doesn’t work for me
Any help?
Xhorse Bmw Ews Remote 3

Xhorse Bmw Ews Remote 2


It works ok, make sure the frequency is ok. you need to hold unlock button and press lock button 8 times if it is original or aftermarket key.

The programming of these Xhorse remote controls is not the same as the originals, while in the originals you press the Unlock button, and then 4 times before closing, in these generated keys (xhorse and kd remote) you press the Unlock and then press the Lock button up to 10 times, sometimes 5 check it out cycle the doors, then release both buttons.

If not working, it means a problem with the car.