Will Xhorse VVDI Prog Read Opel Astra BCM D70F3469?


How can we read with Opel Astra BCM D70F3469 with xhorse vvdi prog? Follow the wiring diagram but it failed to read.

Opel Asra BCM VVDI Prog 1 Opel Asra BCM VVDI Prog 2 Opel Asra BCM VVDI Prog 3


That mcu is protected, can’t read by vvdi prog. only write.
immo data is on EPROM 95160 , but all configurations on Mcu , full clone only  with i/o terminal.
if you only clone the eeprom then the car will start. but if there is a different software and configuration in the used one, something will not work correctly, for example, lights or something else, just like if you had an automatic gearbox and you buy a module from a manual one, it will also be bad.