Will Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Add Key VW Golf7 2018 MQB?


The customer owns 2018 Golf 7 MQB and has two original keys, one working and one not working because it needs programming.
My question is how to reprogram the second key using xhorse vvdi Key tool plus with steps.



Connect the keytool plus and try to read the immo data – if read it make dealer key with this data and program the key.

Read eeprom and immo for backup. Then learn key by load immo data.

if not read it will show you that is JC (Johnson Control) dash and not support it.


If johnson, or full LCD cluster. Then not possible to read the data.

You have 2 options:

1). ODIS online VAG dealer tool.


If is JC maybe Smok or Barracuda can do it but not worth the headache
Bench job.
Which is not worth, the effort. To defend the costs of the tool, and license. If not already have them, in the toolbox.