Will Xhorse Program VAG MQB49/5C Key?


Q1: Can i make key VW Jetta 2020 and tiguan 2020 MQB49 5c with xhorse vvdi2?

Q2: How can I make key for Immo 5C with VVDI2, how to calculate?

Q3: How do i get immo data mqb49/5c on vvdi key tool plus?

Xhorse Mqb49 5c 1 Xhorse Mqb49 5c 2 Xhorse Mqb49 5c 3


  • Only  Johnson Control instrument is supported by xhorse.
  • Xhorse key tool plus or vvdi2 will only add key to MQB49 (still need sync data), they cannot do MQB49 all keys lost.

Add key:

If the key is MQB49 or 5C you can add key with vvdi2 or key tool plus.

You need proper immo data file and key. If xhorse cannot calculate data, need to get immo data from 3rd party.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Add Key Mqb49 2

If the key is mqb49 (5c), i.e VW Tiguan 2022, is currently not supported. Not possible now with immo data file. You cannot make key with xhorse devices.

Key needs to get from dealer and activate online with Odis.




All keys lost:

No, it cannot be done with xhorse devices.

Need key of dealer and then odis.
Also odis can not program after-market keys only OEM.