Will Xhorse MQB License do Mileage Correction?

Is it possible to change the mileage on VAG MQB Virtual Clusters with xhorse MQB NEC35XX license?
Xhorse can if it is nec 35XX cluster.
There is an Odometer function.

Mileage function explanation:
1- load file (flash)
2- then input the km , if you already read the programmer file ,you load the MQB-LOCK(XXXX) ,then procedure upload this file to server
3- download file MQB-SERVICE-FILE-XXXXXX.bin
4- Device automaticly jump into write file procedure
5- if programmer write failed, you can choose the last option, load the MQB-SERVICE-FILE-XXXX.bin, write again.

Xhorse Vag Mqb Mileage

Vag Mqb Change Km 1


I did mileage correction on 2 virtual clusters from Tiguan 5NA920791A (D70F3526) one 2016 other 2017 with VVDI Prog and this MQB activation.