Will Toyota Techstream Program Xhorse Toyota XM38 Key?

Question: Can Xhorse Toyota XM38 smart key be programmed by Toyota Techstream software for a smart keyless entry A433 chip?

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Yes you can. But you need to generate first.
These type of keys work exactly like the OE remote does.

You will need to generate it as the correct key type with a vvdi device first, then you can program it with any device.

Open your OEM remote and you will find the board number. 271451-0500 use the last 4 (0500) digit to search in the Xhorse tool. Generate it with Xhorse and you can add with Techstream.
Using techstream is just OEM software, and to use OEM software to program keys you need a lsid/vsp, if you are not in the US, you can’t get a lsid/vsp.
The PIN code is for security, you have to deal with it either way.