Who Needs Xhorse Solder Free Adapters The Most?

Previously, technicians should have to remove storage chip or solder wires to read immo data. Nowadays, Xhorse Solder-Free Adapters have avoided all these trouble to save time. So who will need the adapters?

Why You Should Have Xhorse Solder Free Adapters (1)


For newbies or whom are unfamiliar with soldering skill, solderless adapter will be a must have accessory. No worry about the problems like solder adhesion, heating component shift, insufficient solder or mistaken solder any more. No more trembled hands due to poor welding temperature control.


Once anyone car module had soldering problem, its loss is as mush as a new set Xhorse adapters, and even more. Therefore, it’s very recommended for those who haven’t soldering experience but want to read & write high-grade vehicles.


On the other hand, Xhorse Adapter is very suitable for mechanics that require clean or convenient when working outside. With solder free adapters, no longer have to take with welding device and external power any more.


Xhorse has optimized read & write ability by adding auxiliary components & IC for solder-free adapters. That will greatly improve data security & cracking rate, reducing the possibility of data loss. Such as XDNP17 Porsche BCM Adapter, XDNP16 Land Rover KVM Adapter or Volvo Sold-Free Adapters Set for CEM.

Why You Should Have Xhorse Solder Free Adapters (2)


In a word, it’s still necessary for technicians to have some Xhorse Solderless Adapters.