Where to Buy Xhorse B5 Super Remote?

Question: I need to generate F150 ID49 and Transit ID49 remote with vvdi mini key tool under these options. Where I can purchase that “b5 super remote” because I can’t find it.

Xhorse B5 Super Remote Xhorse B5 Super Remote 3




It says regular and super remote are not supported.

The answer is right in the picture that posted.

VVDISHOP has XHORSE XEB510EN B5 Super Remote for sale:


B5 Super Remote

If don’t have B5 super remote,  you can use MQB flip style smart key-XSMQB model.

You need to use a proximity remote. This ford id49 isn’t prox but You can’t generate this key on super remote.

Xhorse Xsmqb