What’s the Latest Software Version of VVDI Key Tool?


What is the latest version of the vvdi key tool software? I tried to update Keytool with V2.3.9 mega link on other webpage, but it failed me and showed software error.  Can you please send the newest software?




DON’T use the v2.3.9 mega link to update your Xhorse VVDI Key Tool.

Always use the Xhorse upgrade kit to update your key tool

Free download Xhorse Update Kit

Latest software refer to the update kit.  Newest now is v2.2.2 (till Mar, 2018)

VVDI Key Tool V2.2.2 (2018-02-03)
1.Repair and improve 96 bit 48 data acquisition
2.Repair and improve ID48 read and write


How to update VVDI key Tool to 2.2.2?

Download Xhorse update kit above

Use the USB cable to connect the Keytool to computer
Check devices cnnection status and check driver version
Download the latest software and data files
Start updating software and data
Update success



VVDI Key Tool V2.2.2 Feedback:

the ID48 offline cloning with version 2.2.2 it is very good they have improved it. i have copied many normal ID48 chips with no problem.