Is There A Way to Read VAG MQB Johnson Controls Immo Data?

2018 VW Passat MQB48 keyless and Passat b8 2015 johnson controls – all add key failed using Xhorse VVDI2 VAG.

It’s saying not supported.
Got to Mqb part
It pulls dash model etc
But when read. Immo data says not supported

Autel failed as well. Possible add key other way?

Mqb Johnson Controls Immo Data Vvdi2


No aftermarket device can do Johnson Controls and also virtual cockpit out of the box.

Need calculate data (sync file) online. Vag helper doesn’t work anymore server is down.

Is there a way to read it immo data?

2 methods of fix.
  • Pay however much to ‘MQB Car’ from Facebook to obtain immo data.
  • Get dealer key and learn via ODIS dealer software.