VVDI Prog read BMW CAS3+ 0M23S very fast

Have successfully read and flashed BMW CAS3+ 0M23S ECU with Xhorse VVDI Prog ecu programmer on a Win 7 laptop (with Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ Processor). Very fast.
VVDI-Prog BMW CAS3+ 0M23S fast read (i7-4700MQ Win7)
Remove CAS3+ from dash
Run VVDI-Prog software OK on Win7 laptop
Open VVDI prog software
Select Type:Immobilizer, Brand: BMW
Select Chip: CAS3+ 0M23S
Software  prompts to connect MC9S12 adapter to VVDI-PROG

follow the wiring diagram to well connect the CAS3+ with VVDIProg

If the indicator light flashes, well communication is built

click READ tab
read data very fast

the software bottom status bar will show data read is complete

click FLASH tab to flash ecu

Again sure the indicator light of VVDIProg flashes
wait the procedure process to 100%, and  save data