Xhorse VVDI Prog Land rover BCM 9S12XEP100 Partition Information Error?


I’m trying to read the 9S12XEP100 of this bcm range rover evoque with Xhorse vvdi prog. If i click on read ID it recognises the mcu, but if i read partition it reports me partition information error, and if i try to read d-flash vvdi request me so set manually the partition size, can someone help me?

Xhorse Vvdi Prog Land Rover Bcm Partition Information Error


Read all as D-flash. That bcm does not have eeprom partition. Do not format or set partition with vvdi prog. It will erase all data.

It wont erase p flash. It will erase the area you write.
First read mcu and get full backup from all data. P flash and d flash.
Then you are safe to make your job.