VVDI MB Program 2011 Mercedes Vito (W639) All Keys Lost on Bench

Here we share user working experience on 2011 Mercedes Vito (W639) All Keys Lost using xhorse vvdi mb tool and power adapter on bench.


‘I spent over 2 hours trying to perform data acquisition for all keys lost on a 2011 Mercedes Vito (W639) on bench.

Below is the diagram I followed (which is correct) I used VVDI MB power adapter, but no matter what I did the data acquisition would fail @ 80%ish, every time I would retry it would go a little bit past 80% or a little bit below 80%. After speaking to a few skilled locksmiths I confirmed I was doing everything correctly.

I then noticed that the lens part of the EIS (the IR sensor) was really grubby and had a lot of dirt/grime on it. I cleaned it using isopropyl alcohol and some kitchen towel (there is a photo of the dirt that came off the lens) then the data acquisition worked straight away, it also worked very quickly in comparison to the previous attempts. I don’t know if anyone has had this issue before but I will be cleaning all the EIS IR lenses from here on out. Hope it helps.’

Vvdi Mb W639 AKL 1 Vvdi Mb W639 AKL 2 Vvdi Mb W639 AKL 3 Vvdi Mb W639 AKL 4