VVDI MB Possible Unlock ELV W204 and Write Data of EIS?

VVDI MB tool question: have W204, if I pass to unlock the chip, I cannot write the data of eis in ESL.


Xhorse chief engineer replied:

VVDI MB can unlock W204 ESL successfully but writing data is impossible.

Vvdi Mb Unlock Elv W204 01 Vvdi Mb Unlock Elv W204 02


Another similar problem:

Merc W204 2009, purchased Xhorse vvdi mb tool.

So first time I’m using it today and trying to program elv simulator.. I’m following all the instructions but I’m stuck on
Step 8 = renew eis
It won’t erase
Keeps saying erasing eis failed.


Xhorse chief engineer replied:

To program elv simulator for W204, you don’t need to erase the EIS.


Good luck!