VVDI MB Failed to Read W164 2009 AKL Password Cannot Detect EIS Solution


I tried to do Mercedes w164 2009 ML all keys lost with xhorse vvdi mb tool.
Connected 12v to FAST adapter, connected xhorse w164 cable, connected gateway emulator to the cable.
I was able to read EIS data through IR but no password calculation could be preformed – vvdi mb kept prompting “can’t detect eis, check connection”.
Tried by IR. Didn’t work. Tried by “obd”. Didn’t work.
Tried to leave the FAST adapter behind and go through the long procedure, didn’t work.
Tried to disconnect emulator, didn’t work.
Even tried different cables (not w164), didn’t work.
Vvdi prog has no click n go for this eis, and didn’t have any option / diagram for soldering wires to it.
Benz W164 Eis 3Benz W164 Eis 3Benz W164 Eis 2 Benz W164 Eis 1
For password calculation with vvdi mb, you need to read eis data, then select w164, there are two different W164, with the right one says you need eis data before doing this.

When read password, select w164 -2009 option not just w164. When you insert the ir key keep it in open position as you turn the ignition on to collect data.

Select ok upload eis data and you need to put ir reader and take out as the tool is telling you, aprox 1000 in and out to collect 100% data, if fail do the procedure again and it will be in the % were it was when it failed, took me about an hour and a half to do it.  And it will ask you for w221 cable instead of w164, you can only do this on bench.