Best VVDI MB ECU Renew Tool for sim271 Sim4se me9.7, Cr3.xx, cr4 etc

Need one best and cheap MB ECU renew tool mainly for sim271de/ke20, Sim4se, me9.7, Cr3.xx , cr4 etc, Xhorse VVDI MB tool is the top choice for many renewal work. I am sure u will be happy. For token point, yes it has a token system but there is an unlimited token option too. It can do many brands, make keys, renew keys and many more options.


In details:

  1. vvdi mb tool renew Sim4se ECU


  1. vvdi mb tool renew X164 cr4 ecu


  1. Vvdi MB renew Mercedes ecu Cr3.xx

How to use vvdi mb tool to renew Mecedes W211 ECU Cr3.xx.

Step-by-step procedure with images here:


  1. vvdi mb tool renew ECU ME9.7

– connect to VVDI with adapter and power through OBD

– read data

– get erase pass

– Save data(backup)

– Renew – success


Now you can initial startup in DAS/Xentry, have there 2 possibility…with data from old ECU or without…  then online


FOR get erase pass ONLINE WITH DEVICE VVDI MB , After reading data ECU (with vvdi mb)


pin connection for ME9.7 MB

Mercedes-Benz ME9.7 connected to data read from ECU, did not try to reset. Check the scheme of connection.


Connect the cables from VVDI MB tool OBD to ECU directly and give power supply. Every function is fine. If you using Benz ECU test adapter cable, please check did the can high and can low of the plug is short circuit. Sometimes there will have short circuit on the serial port of the ECU adapter.
In my case I’m not using resistance.


OBD2 side:

1 K-Line  Ignition control (EZS), air-conditioner (KLA), PTS, safety systems (Airbag, SRS, AB) and some other
3 TNA  TD engine rotation speed
4,5 GND  Ground
6 CAN-high  CAN-High (including AirBag system in W203, W209, W220, W240, R230, ?215 after 2004y)
7 K-Line  Engine control diagnostic (ME/MSM/CDI)
8  Ignition,…
9 K-Line ABS, ASR, ESP, ETS, BAS diagnostic
11 K-Line  Gearbox and other transmission components (EGS, ETC, FTC)
12 K-Line  All activity module (AAM), Radio (RD), ICS, …
13 K-Line  AB diagnostic – safety systems
14 CAN-Low  CAN
15 K-Line  IC, KI), TAU, LWR diagnostic
16 +12V  Power


ECU Side:
2: Ground
15 & 16: 12 Volts
41: CAN High
54: CAN Low


  1. vvdi mb tool renew ECU 722.9 ETC board (7-gearbox module) version VGS_73

Successfully renewed 10 pcs of used 722.9 ETC board (7-gearbox module) version VGS_73 or like as “3” with VVDI MB tool

and ONE pcs today assigned to the car using MB-SCN online access.



Finally, what is Benz ECU test adapter cable used for?

Look at these ECU adapters full set (add one extra sim4le sim4se cable):

Benz ECU test adapter-05

Used for: renew ECU


Works together with: VVDI MB tool and other devices As long as the ECU flashing tool supports CAN protocol and meanwhile supports these ECU types.


Workable ECU types:














sim4le sim4se



6. VVDI MB Renew SIM271 ECUs

renew SIM271KE2.0 & SIM271DE2.0 ECUs on bench

VVDI MB Renew Mercedes SIM271DE2.0 SIM271KE2.0 ECUs on Bench