VVDI Key Tool Plus Failed to Learn Opel Meriva B Xhorse Remote?


I have problem generate suitable Xhorse wireless key for Opel Meriva B 2011 EU Original key is id46 pcf741 433.9Mhz ASK . Details are on pictures
I tried to generate XH wireless remote all from opel and GM where 433.9 ASK but i always get id46 pcf7942.
In programming vvdi key tool plus fails to learn new key, only original is learned
how to fix this issue?
Opel Meriva B Xhorse Remote 1 Opel Meriva B Xhorse Remote 2 Opel Meriva B Xhorse Remote 3 Opel Meriva B Xhorse Remote 4Opel Meriva B Xhorse Remote 5


Meriva B only OEM or aftermarket key. There is No Xhorse remote for meriva .¬†Only genuine remote for that car and corsa d there no dearer than xhorse remotes. Xhorse and vauxhall don’t work.
Only you can generate transponder for spare key without remote.