VVDI Key Tool Max Failed to Clone Ford F-150 4D83?


I was trying to clone a Ford key because their key was busted up so they can get it in and do a couple of new keys. But for some reason my xhorse vvdi key tool max wouldn’t clone them it’s done it before I just updated is it something in the new updates that should be fixed. This was on a 2008 F-150 You can see the information I pulled and The answer I got from the machine.

2008 F 150 Vvdi Key Tool Max 4d83

2008 F 150 Vvdi Key Tool Max 4d83 2


83 chip ford not possible to clone.

Like we said before

Can I Clone Ford 4D83 Key with Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool?

80bit chip, This specific key can’t be cloned. Has to be generated

You can generate a 83 chip ford with vvdi super chip with vvdi and go to the car and program it with tool via obd2 is a simple process it won’t ask for pincode just go open ignition with new unprogramed key and add a key.