VVDI Key Tool Generate Mazda 6 – 2016 id49 Smart Key using Xhorse Proximity

Mazda 6 – 2016 id49 433Mhz- all keys lost successful programming 2 keys one original key and second xhorse universal smart proximity all functions work great
did by vvdi key tool, no need app. (VVDI mini key tool works together with the app. )
Program it to car with obdstar x300 pro obd programmer.

I used same one on a Mazda 3 2017. Also used keytool to generate.

It can be programmed to all series all same remote.

mazda-6-id46-vvdi-key-tool-1 mazda-6-id46-vvdi-key-tool-2

tucson ix35 smart key id46 3