VVDI Key Tool App Cannot Get Email Validation Code (Solved)

Some Xhorse users reported that they failed to get the validation code after register on Xhorse VVDI Key Tool app recently.


Example 1:

I have a vvdi key tool and I couldn’t open an account on the key tool applications on play store, I sent my email to get the validation code but I didn’t get any reply, I need help I can’t work with my vvdi without internet as you know some transponders need online copy.


Example 2:

I installed vvdi key tool app but i cant sign up .
Put my email address and press send for security code it says code sent and start the countdown but i never recive the code.
Is there something that i am missing or is it a software issue.
I use samsung galaxy s6 edge.



Here’s the proper solution from vvdishop.com:

VVDI Key Tool server doesn’t send validation/registration code any more.


Download the Xhorse Upgrade Kit on your computer 

Choose Binding function


Then register with your phone number, all done on computer.