VAG OBD Helper is Dead for Audi?


It’s true that Vag OBD Helper doesn’t work well in Audi anymore. And that possibly the same happens with the other brands?

Now that obd helper is dead, what does it mean for the new Xhorse key tool plus tablet that boosted to have vag helper built into it? Will it still have your feature?




Audi server is blocked. It’s not dead . The sever is down.


All served Audi is already not working with the third party even Autel.

Audi is only shut down for AKL (all keys lost).
Also not all Audi you need vag helper for we have the list
Audi Akl List

All Audi server cs calculator dead pure and simple.

Only dead for Audi . Still working on other cars. 

Xhorse vvdi key tool plus with obd helper built-in does not have Audi either.


Audi is not coming back.

“Due to more stringent security requirements, the service process for installing used immobiliser control units (from February 2021 onwards) has been modified (see list).
• In future, you will need to apply for approval from AUDI AG to install any used immobiliser control units.
• The application is shown automatically when you attempt to adapt the immobiliser control unit.
• Print out the application, sign it and send it to the e-mail address given in the application.
• The department in charge of approvals will check that the application is correct and complete.
• You will then receive an e-mail with information regarding the outcome of your application.
• Please note: It may take up to 48 hours before you receive a reply.
• Once approval has been granted, it is only possible to adapt the control unit to the vehicle identification number documented in the application. There is no time limit for doing this.
This currently affects the following control units:
Instrument cluster
Audi TT (FV) 2015 >
Audi A3 (8V/ FF) 2013 >
Audi Q2 (GA) 2017 >
Audi Q3 (F3) 2019 >
Convenience system central control unit
Audi A4 (8K/ FL) 2008 > 2015
Audi A5 (8T/ FR/ 8F/ FH) 2008 > 2015
Audi Q5 (8R/ FP) 2009 > 2015
Audi A6 (4G/ FC) 2011 > 2017
Audi A7 (4G/ FC) 2011 > 2017
Audi A8 (4H/ FD) 2010 > 2017
Audi R8 (FX) 2015 >
This list may be extended to include other control units at any time.”
If you need vag obd helper cable, contact