Tips to Add Key 2008 Audi A8 with Xhorse VVDI2

Question: I am working on 08′ Audi A8 keyed ignition. Can I simply read with VVDI Prog and clone out/write/make dealer key with vvdi2, or do I need to write file back with the key?

Vvdi2 Audi A8 2008 Add Key 1

Tips to make key Audi A8 2008 with vvdi2:

Kessy including kessy continental
Porsche Cayenne
Vw Touareg
Bentley continental
Are all id46 chip.
Read 93C86 eeprom with vvdi prog, better solder following the wiring diagram.
Xhorse EEPROM clip will read but when loading to VVDI2 will say wrong file version.   Much better to desolder chip.
Vvdi2 Audi A8 2008 Add Key 2
The module is a Siemens so you read the 93C86. If it is a Continental then you solder the wires on the back. Read out of circuit, you don’t want to corrupt the data. The chip is a 46 chip. You can clone out using a xhorse super chip xt27, write a file back using a 7936 or read the file and load into VVDI2 to program OBD.