Tips on using Land Rover KVM Adapter for VVDI Prog

One special Clip Adapter, working together with Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer, can be used to read KVM for landrover without Soldering.



The reason to use Land Rover KVM Adapter:

Most Land Rovers after 2015 year need to replace the new KVM module, or refresh the data. And when you read or write data, you maybe have the wiring problems. Now to use one VVDIProg and one Clip adapter, the problem will be solved without soldering.



Tips on using Land Rover KVM Adapter for VVDI Prog:

Q: is this for new 18 up kvm ?

A: yes need to use in tandem with analhex and transexualpro2. If you have Mini PMS bring that too. And chip must be conditioned with spermicidal lubricant first


Q: I have balloon knot flux. Will that work ?

A: yes when not locked


Is this true???

Q: if locked. Will fix after holiday to read ?

A: land-rover-kvm-adapter-using-tips-05


If locked( which its gona be) desolder and replace processor, make virgin and synchronize with his hacked jlr software 🤞. Sounds super easy right? After all that delicate work at least you don’t have to solder 4 wires


my jlr not hacked!! please be professional , its online using user name and pass but it has engineering access , just to correct the word. Moe Diatronik’s tool makes money for people who use it as much as you cant imagine.

yes can read the JPLA but once its locked you change the processor its also available for sale, im just giving you solution, maybe i don’t have to give?


or  buy the “pump programmer” hasn’t failed me yet on locked KVM.



I do have this usd soilder pensil I make from pensil I fin in Enterprize car park while I work there one day. It short wire so work close to adapter in liter socket on car. Work greats.


Q: For all that work. I would just keep a new kvm in stock. They list for $170. And then use pathfinder and program it.

A: U cant program even with new kvm…
BCM will be locked and not allow programming…

Been there done that still need to replace bcm unless u have a way to unlock bcm too.