Solved! Xhorse VVDI Tools VVDI MB VVDI2 VVDIProg Cannot Find Device

Here’s the Xhorse engineer working solution to Xhorse vvdi tools “cannot find device” problem.





1.Users are required to update both software and firmware for each new software upgrade.

Update software only may lead to the device connection failure.


2. If already update the software and firmware, but still cannot find device,  please check the Computer Device Manager COM device to see if the vvdi unit is connected.

If don’t find vvdi USB serial port in Device Manager, there is something wrong with the USB cable.  Contact your dealer and ask for help if necessary.





For VVDI Prog:

Each time update software only, don’t update firmware when new software comes out.

Connect VVDI Prog with laptop via USB, check if the yellow indicator turns on.


If the yellow indicator turns on and Device Manager sees the vvdi, connection is ok.


If the yellow indicator turns on but Device Manager cannot find device, check the USB connection.

If yellow indicator does not turn on and Device manager cannot find device, your vvdi prog is broken, need to send back for repair.




For Xhorse Dolphin XP005:

If dolphin gives cannot find device error, you need to install the Dolphin1_Driver.