Solved! Windows 10 Laptop Won’t Recognize Xhorse VVDI Tools


I’m using windows 10. My Vvdi tools were working 2 days ago and I try to use today and my laptop is not recognizing none of my programmers. I’m using Vvdi mb tool, Vvdi2, and Vvdi bmw. It’s giving me this error message in picture and I just can’t seem to get it going. I download drivers and all, when it told me too. Even my Xhorse upgrade kit not recognizing it.

Whenever I try to use upgrade kit it won’t recognize. What I did was I installed Vvdi2 quick start v6.7.5 and reinstall again. Firmware is the latest version.

It still doesn’t recognize. Also same thing with my Xhorse dolphin machine it doesn’t recognize.



Xhorse engineer solution:

1.Disable driver signature for windows and run in test mode

2. If still does not work, then reinstall driver.


There are several ways to disable driver signature.

For example: How to disable Driver  Signature enforcement on Windows 10?




That worked. Now my laptop recognize all VVDI tools.



Hope it helps those who have same problem.