Common Solutions to VVDI Software Windows 10 Installation Failure


Anyone had problems with VVDI MB on Windows 10? I have version 5.03.

However, the application keeps deleting itself! I am told by our computer support it is not anti-virus issues. I have tried to update to 5.05 but it says it is not compatible with my computer. Dell E5450 i5. Any ideas?




Xhorse engineers have tested vvdi tools software on WinXP, Win7, Win8 and Win10 all ok.

If you have problem running vvdi software on Windows 10, here’s the common solutions:


1. It may to be windows problem. Install again win 10 but make sure it’s good quality because some people had same issue and did reinstall with another win 10

2. Disable all the firewall etc. There is a way if doing it permanently if you look on the web.
3. Open windows security and check the threats it was be highlighted, just click allow. This happens on vvdi2 and vvdi prog even after days of it being fine.

4. Windows defender, firewall and any anti-viruses will always cause problems, because the vvdi software doesn’t have microsoft certification etc.  Stop anti-virus or windows defender or any program for virus detects i haved same problem and solved by this way.


How to Install Xhorse VVDI Software on Win10 by Solving Antivirus Issues?