How to Reset Xhorse Smart Remote if Fail to Re-write?


How do you erase & reset xhorse vvdi xm38 prox once it’s programmed to a car?
No re-writing it doesn’t reset it and it won’t program to another vehicle successfully? Any solution?



Xhorse smart remote can be rewritten, you need to generate the key over again, just like you did last time.

If you fail to re-write remote, reset xhorse smart key like this.



Xhorse Smart Remote has 2 types: XM38 Smart Remote and NXP Smart Remote.

Part 1. XM38 Remote

Xm38 Remotes

Try the hardware reset function. Remove battery, hold lock button, insert battery and wait a few seconds.

1.Remove battery

2.Press and hold Lock button, then install battery

3.Light on PCB keeps on

4.Go ahead and burn remote controls


*If your XM38 is Chinese version, it will not work on Global version device.


Part 2. NXP Smart Remote

Xhorse Nxp Remotes

1.Check battery capacity

2.Switch battery

3.If the problem remains, send back to factory