Best Programmer for Odometer Reset on CAS BMW E series F10

Have CAS BMW E series F10 for odometer program, looking for the best.


Tools and results:

  1. R270: cas dont work ( only shows wait for decode) and eeprom in dash only 160d0wq is ok but 95320 don’t work


  1. i’m still prefer HexTag and original xprog.

HexTag: very good tool for cas 4 read/write ..eeprom functions has many supported features erase and edit automatically ….

Autohex  II + hextag Best for complete job on bmw .


  1. vvdi prog +VVDI2 do very well job on cas 1-4…
    For chips cluster u need to erase chips and after write modified dump on it!


Here simple steps on using vvdi pro & VVDI2 to change km on CAS4:

1). Use VVDIProg to read out the data, save D-flash and P-flash.


2). Use VVDI2 to load D data to change KM, and then save new data.


3). In the VVDI-Prog, select “Unlock” to read/write, click on “Unlock”, after unlock successfully, load new data to D data, then click on “Write”.


4). Click on the right corner, VPP, input FF, finish.




When using VVDI to change BMW CAS4 KM, need to remove the CAS. Remove it out to read, and after writing successfully, solder back.