Tricks to Program VW Passat with CCM All Keys Lost with Xhorse VVDI

Here’s the trick to programming VW Passat with Comfort Module (CCM) all keys lost by xhorse vvdi tools (VVDI2 and VVDI Key Tool Plus).

Vw Passat All Keys Lost 1

1.OBD method

There is MUCH easier way to do these Passat and CC with CCM.
Simply, open fuse box cover on driver’s side
30A fuse will be hot
Put wire, preferably with switch in between 30A hot fuse and 5A fuse
This will force ignition on
Then read immo data
Make dealer key
Adapt key
Remote will need to be programmed separately.
This trick is good but only works on some ECUs. Some totally, some partially (6 bytes out of 7), some not.
This way can work only on edc16 (only some this ecu got 7 byte) rest ecu only 6 bytes and even if fits PCR2.1 you can’t get any cs by obd. So classic way is still best because the results is 100%.
You can disassemble the CCM, remove the immo data eeprom and program key via dump.
For example, it can be done by xhorse vvdi key tool plus or vvdi2.
Remove glovebox, to access module. Remove and desolder chip read and make dealer key. Refit then learn to car via obd.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Vw Passat Akl 1

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Vw Passat Akl 2