Tips to Program Hyundai Tucson ix35 ix30 ID46 Smart Key with VVDI Key Tool

Q: Hyundai tucson ix35 smart key id46 7952 fail to program smart key with vvdi key tool. Any idea for this model?

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tucson ix35 smart key id46 2

tucson ix35 smart key id46 3


IX30 IX35 KeylessGo ID46 Programming method using vvdi key tool or vvdi mini key tool:
Note: Stable version, many vehicles can learn successfully, the functions are normal.
Please match without battery, maybe take the PCB out to match,


1. Use original remote, or out the PCB of blade remote into the shell of the original remote to match,

Start button to match
Remove battery, if failed, the the PCB out to match

Sometimes tools prompts used smart key, because it can’t detect the chip of remote, move the chip in the original shell, remove the original shell pad and try again.
Then learn remote with OBD programmers, i.e, Lonsdor or OBDSTAR tools.