Tips to Program BMW E70 CAS3+ AKL with Xhorse VVDI BMW Tool

Possible to make BMW X5 E70 2009 4.8 all keys lost with Xhorse VVDI BMW tool/VVDI BIMTool Pro if i I’ve got CAS3+ eeprom dump from vvdi prog and Bosch ME9+ dump from K-tag?

Xhorse Vvdi Bmw Tool BMW X5 E70 AKL 1

Yes. Not work by obd. If you have the files, do as following:

Select key position. Prepare dealer key with vvdi bmw programer.

Then select have ecu dump, load ecu eeprom dump.

Put blank key in slot and click ok.

vvdi bmw will give you a new eeprom that you have to write back in cas3.

Write it via vvdi prog.

Put cas3 back to the car and key will work.




If key is engaded, but ignition doesn’t switch on (displays CAS lost ISN value error shown image below), you need to read ISN from EGS if it is E70. You have to manually input the EGS ISN into CAS. Find a guy who can help you. Need only small program and Ediabas-compatible cable and that’s all.
Xhorse Vvdi Bmw Tool BMW X5 E70 AKL 2