Is It Possible to Clone EWS3 EWS4 Key with Xhorse Super Chip?

Question: Is it possible to use an xhorse vvdi super chip to start an ews3+ bmw x3 or ews4?



Answer: You can use the super chip to generate all keys lost EWS3 and EWS4 no problem. But no clone (add key).

You just need to preload the chip first then just add key file.


Generate id33 vw. This was tested by many. Super chip WV id33 will always work, no problems. As id33 VW and write with ak90.

 ID33 VW, I used about 2 weeks ago for ews4.3, still working.

Convert Super Chip To Id33

and then select 7935 when programming, not super chip.

Convert Super Chip To Id33 2
Convert Super Chip To Id33 2

Some people configure the super chip to an ID44 new 7935 to write the chip. It needs luck. A few started and a few did not.

Configure the Super Chip to an ID44 New 7935, if it’s id44 pcf7935, then generate one from xt27 and program it into ews.
 Vvdi Super Chip Pcf7935
Working experience:
Not trying to clone it. I’ve read the ews3+ chip and generated key. First set transponder type as 7935 then make dealer key from dump to position 1. If I select vvdi super chip it says clone start not supported in position so i select 7935 and it makes dealer key but my dump is not modified to write back to chip in ews module so says empty position. Car won’t crank.
Vvdi prog, vvdi2, super chip no problem. I generate once id44 (7935) with super chip and worked just fine.
3).  Ews4 didn’t start for me.
Open your key tool plus, prepare id44 chip, go to immo programming (not immo tool) select BMW, Select by system, then EWS, Then file enable key, Start, select ews type, load your dump, select unused position and vvdi will generate new dump. Then return and generate dealer key with new file. And write back it to ews.
If failed, use real 7935 and the original Philips 7935 poof immediately works.