2023 New Xhorse Dolphin XP005 vs Old Dolphin XP005

What’s the difference between 2023 new Xhorse dolphin xp005 (without battery version) and old Dolphin XP005 (with battery version)?


New Dolphin XP005:

1. Without built-in battery. Works with or without battery.

If need battery, you can buy an optional battery for dolphin.

If without battery, you can take out for work by car.

2. Comes with M5 clamp in default (M5= M1+M2)

New Dolphin Xp005

Old Dolphin XP005:

1.Come with built-in battery.  Works only with built-in battey. Cannot work without battery.

2. Old dolphin comes with M1 and M2 clamps in default. Also compatible with M5 clamp (purchase separately.)

Old Dolphin Xp005

Apart from that, they make no difference in appearance and functions.