Mercedes W221 Lost All Keys, Possible Done with VVDI MB?

Question: I have Mercedes Benz W221 without keys. I tried to read data with VVDI MB Tool, no success with or without power adapter. I have cable for W221. With that cable I can read EIS with IR, but not with OBD. VVDI MB cannot connect. I also have VVDI prog, but I cannot find how connect to this unit. It is almost like W164, but it is little bit different.

According to Xhorse support this unit is not readable by any VVDI device. For reference I uploaded images.

benz-w221-lost-all-keys-done-by-vvdi-mb-01 benz-w221-lost-all-keys-done-by-vvdi-mb-02


Confirmed , W221 ALK is supported by VVDI MB tool V4.7.0 & above. but some ignitions are after Dealer status and is impossible to do them with VVDI.

Type in google “W221 all key lost” and you will see many videos / manual how to.

For example:

This article shows how to use VVDI MB to program Mercedes S500 2008 W221 all keys lost.


Good luck.