Mazda CX-5 Xhorse Key Works Dash Shows ‘Keyless Entry Malfunction’


I have this error after programming a new key with xhorse vvdi mini key tool on mazda cx-5, the keys work without error and keyless system also.

all keys working original and xhorse smart key all functions work but i have this error in the dash.

‘Keyless Entry Malfunction’

And the scanner indicates a wrong replacement was installed.

Xhorse Mazda Cx 5 Keyless Entry Malfunction 1Xhorse Mazda Cx 5 Keyless Entry Malfunction 2


Wrong key.

The FCC ID of the key is not the corresponding one of the vehicle that is why you get the red key why there is an error in the fcc id.
Mazda needs the original key ONLY. Sometimes if you want to add not original key (like vvdi and keydiy) this error will be on computer or dashboard.
Need two original Mazda remotes, done by all key lost.  Delete keys and program 2x genuine remotes and the errors will go by itself the error.
Do always use OEM keys for Mazda push start vehicles.
Updated in April 2022:
This is the working solution.
Xhorse adds Mazda ID49 smart key light repair function.  Use this option then do akl on car procedure and malfunction will be deleted.
I solved the problem and did the following:
I generated again the key via vvdi mini key tool and chose a two-button model as well as the factory one ( in the first attempt I chose a model with 3 buttons and the third button for the trunk worked. ) after that I went to the special functions Mazda id49 smart key light repair read the factory and loaded on xhorse smart key (I don’t know if this was necessary ) started i procedure all keys lost deleted all keys and added them again and the error is gone.
Mazda Id49 Light Repair
Mazda Id49 Light Repair 2