Is it Safe to use VVDI2 to Make CAS4/CAS4+ Key by OBD?

Confirmed: Xhorse VVDI2 Done CAS4/CAS4+ key programming by OBD.

The question is how safe is this solution and the answer is to use Esys to program, it will be safe.


Here comes one question:

I did two CAS 4 already with VVDI2 and seems to be funny. I found two issues:
One of them could not reset mileage despite say OK
Another one could not restore coding even with Autohex.
Eventually fixed everything but tooooo long.


Advice and solution:

Do you recommend backing up coding with esys first? If you brick the CAS do you think esys could reflash it by obd?


Anyway, CAS4 by OBD is going to make BMW a lot of money in spare parts.