When & How To Use VVDI MB BGA TOOL OBD Clip?

We may find that it is seldom used the VVDI MB Tool OBD Clip while programming Mercedes. In general, we more often use the OBD cable connector instead. So when and how to use the OBD clip?

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When programming Benz 204/207 with directional lock on car, it’s not able to read data with VVDI MB Tool by OBD directly. That’s because data will be interfered due to OBD connection. That’s why locksmiths always remove directional lock on bench to read immo data or match simulator.


Can we program Benz 204/207 without wiring harness on car?

The answer is yes.


By reason of filtration and interference from other car modules, it’s failed to read immo data by OBD. But we can bypass the interference through connecting OBD communication line on device to directional lock straightway. That’s what the VVDI MB OBD Clip can do: connect to directional lock.


How to use VVDI MB OBD Clip?

  1. Break open the communication line of directional lock;
  2. Clamp to communication line.


* DO NOT disconnect plugs of directional lock & ELV Emulator.

* Clamp to the corresponding line for red marked pin.

* Need to break wire skin.

When How To Use Vvdi Mb Bga Tool Obd Clip (2)


It’s recommended to use the way in case emergency without any EIS/ELV Test Lines.