How to Sync Xhorse Multi Prog?

Xhorse Multi Prog has built-in MQB48 (NEC35XX Lock) and BMW Bench ISN (MSV90/MSV80/MSD80/MSD81/MSD85/MSD87 ) reading licenses.

If you see licenses are not activated, need to sync device.

How To Sync Xhorse Multi Prog 1

How to Sync Xhorse Multi-prog?

Connect multiprog device with PC

Go to Update Online tab-> Authorization management

Press Synchronization and press OK
How To Sync Xhorse Multi Prog 2

How To Sync Xhorse Multi Prog 3
*MQB48 license also needs to combine device with vvdi2 full or Key tool plus to activate it.


Q: Multi prog MQB48 and BMW ISN license expire in 984 days? can be used if expires?

A: License will not expire. Just sync device and it will auto renew.

Multi Prog License Activation




How to Combine Xhorse Multi Prog with VVDI Key Tool Plus to Get Free MQB48 License?