How to fix BMW 535i 2009 DME got damaged and can’t read ISN?

Car model:

BMW 535i 2009 (CAS4)



The car original DME got damaged I can’t read ISN

Now we have a new set of DME, CAS4 and a working key from a working Series 6 640i 2013.
After fitting all these the dashboard is working fine even central lock, but car can’t start.



Even if it starts with wrong VIN in DME and CAS – EGS ISN also need to be corrected. But in that case it will start and won’t go off Parking position, so it will come next.

The easiest option for you is to read ISN from old CAS4 and swap it to new CAS and DME, then you don’t need to bother with gearbox which is never too exciting. Just backup all data, change ISN and VIN in both modules either by VVDI or by uploading here.

First thing to check after you change VIN and ISNs if car crank won’t start – cas dme sync by ISTA.


If it’s CAS4 – not crypted and you can extract ISN. CAS4+ is crypted and you will need working key (which I understood you have) to extract ISN.
Well, I didn’t really understand why you are bothering with new CAS, if you can just swap ISN from your CAS4 to the DME.


Credits to@ g5n14.


Good to know:

Upload old CAS dump or ISN read by VVDI, VIN and DME eeprom to @ will be sorted by the tech support.