How to Add Skoda Superb 2017 Keyless Key with VVDI2?

How to add new keyless key on Skoda Superb 2017 using xhorse vvdi2?

Vvdi2 Skoda Superb 2017 Add Key


Identify the key ID you have. You can tell the lost key ID by that.

Read eeprom save.
Read immodata save.

Immodata prepare key. Prepare an Xhorse proxy smart remote for this car.

Load immo data

Make dealer key.  Choose the Škoda vehicle brand and choose the OEM option. Then choose the lost key ID. Doing it this way the car will think that the “new” key is the lost key. Even authorised dealer ODIS-S system will be able to do online immo operations.

Add key choose how many keys load immodata and learn keys and DONT turn ign off when learning second key.

Learn the TWO keys. You must learn all keys. The one “old” and the new one.