How to Activate Xhorse BMW Bench Read ISN License?


Can you please tell me why I cannot read bmw isn on bench with xhorse vvdi key tool plus. How do I reactivate?

Xhorse Key Tool Plus Bmw Isn Reading License


Your vvdi key tool plus is missing BMW bench read ISN license.

You should get the license activated.

The authorization release precess as follow steps.

First step: unbind your VVDI KEY TOOL PLUS from your xhorse account.

Second step. bind your device to seller’s xhorse account .

Third step. Seller operating open authorization.

Fourth step. After opening authorization, seller unbind the account from your device.

Fifth step. You can bind the device back to your account.

Function requires to use Bosh ECU Adapter XNDP30.

Vvdi Key Tool Plus Read BMW ISN On Bench


Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Read BMW MSD87 ISN on Bench