GM 2010 ID46 Xhorse Super Chip XT27 Car Not Start??

The problem goes like this:

It is a Holden Captiva 2010 ID46. Using xhorse new key tool max, mini obd and some xhorse universal remotes.
Got the blade cut, cloned vvdi super chip, set remotes to Chevrolet captiva, set up battery pack, programmed in remotes (successful), waited the 12min and programmed in keys to the car but the car wont start!
All signs indicate the keys programmed in ok (security light went out) supplier has no clue!
Tried 2 different xhorse universal remotes, same result.




You won’t get all keys lost done without genuine GM ID46 chips. People did an AKL job for a 2007 Craptiva with xt27 chips, generate as Chev and no trouble at all.

But when I tried the same job for a 2010 it wouldn’t work no matter what I did.

Do not use xhorse superchips only original chip in this vehicle.

Try using an original transponder. Get genuine GM 7936 and you’ll be fine. 


Test and feedback:
I purchased 2 GM ID46 chips and two generic pcf7936, but I used the GM ones first and they worked.