How Generate Ford ID63 80 Bits with Xhorse Key Tool?

Question: How to generate id63 80bits for ford with xhorse vvdi key tool plus?
Xhorse Generate Id63 80bit Ford
Use ID63 40bit, 83 won’t work.  All these claims need 63 80bit, it is because the chip, not only vvdi super chip, but most of them out there, including if you buy a ford aftermarket key, they all have the ability of being a 63(40bit) or 83(80bit), meaning you can convert them using vvdi mini key tool. So it really down to what the car is, if it is a car that need 63 then use the 63 (40bit), if the car need 83 then use 83 (80bit), check ilco auto blank book for reference if you are not sure, or try one of it don’t work, then use mini key tool to convert it to the other then try.
Xhorse Generate Id63 80bit Ford 4
Xhorse Generate Id63 80bit Ford 2
If you have issues generating it just keep an OEM ford key and clone it works every time.