Free Download Audi J518 ELV Dump Converter for VVDI Prog

Why you need the Audi J518 EEPROM Dump Converter?

There are some dumps which has 2k and need to be converted to 4kb file for the eeprom of new emulators or new j518 boards

Here is the simple tool which allows you to transfer 2kb eeprom data from 3l40k for example to 0l01y. For j518 (also j518 elv emulators)



Free Download J518 ELV EEPROM Convertor:


J518 Dump Converter Software

File including:

J518 Dump Converter V1.1


Before running software, .net core is required.

Download via

1.Accept auto prompt when running software

2.Click and Download


Then convert eeprom file, VVDI PROG writes it into Audi ELV Emulator, install back emulator, and you are good to go.

Select This Option When Writing Data

Check instruction here:

How to Write Audi J518 ELV Emulator 256, 128 with VVDI Prog?