How to Fix BE Key from a W639 Vito with Status 4545?

Question: I have a Be key from a w639 vito with status 4545 which needs fixing, any tip as how to fix this? I managed to read its password, not sure what to do next!.



Read the eis data on bench via kline, then vvdi mb made a new Be key file with password, and is working now

I bought them from, so don’t know if they are xhorse or not, with one battery type.



Just prepare an Xhorse key, just in case they come back again. Other BE keys have high risk of selfereasing, resulting in the situation ou mentioned – 45454545….
The worst BE keys ar those with one battery on the back, which are not made by Xhorse. Those BE key by Xhorse are superb. And those BE with two batteries which resemble the older original Benz keys (before the BGA type) also should be trouble-free.


Good luck!