FAQs Xhorse VVDI MB FBS3 KeylessGo Smart Key

Here vvdishop.com gathers some frequently asked questions about the Xhorse VVDI FBS3 keylessgo smart key to help you have a better understanding of the key.

vvdi-fbs3-smart-key-1 vvdi-fbs3-smart-key-2

Q: It is FBS3 or FBS4 key?

A: FBS3.


Q: Does it come with 200 points as vvdi BE key pro?

A:  Yes, it comes with 200 points as well. You can exchange 200 bonus points to 1 token for password online calculation.



Q: Can it be programmed with Autel or just VVDI MB Tool?

A:  Yes, it can be programmed with Autel. It is compatible with all major Mercedes key programmers on the aftermarket, not just VVDI MB.


Q: Does it support all keys lost situation?

A: Yes.


Q:  Posible this key after programing reset to New?

A: Yes, it is reusable. Can be used for many times.



Q: Possible to change frequency from 315MHZ to 433MHz? 

A: Yes, can change frequency between 315MHz and 433MHz. 2 ways to exchange: via VVDI MB or manual change.

Check guide: How to Change VVDI MB FBS3 KeylessGo Key Frequency 315MHz 433MHz?


Q: Does it come with battery? 

A: Battery is required! But it does not come with the key.


Q:  Can be programmed as normal key?

A:  Yes.


Q: What’s it take to program in the keyless hope?
A:   just use vvdi mb and follow procedure.


Q: What Mercedes can it used on?


W221-Mercedes-Benz S series,

W216-Mercedes-Benz S series,

W164 Mercedes-Benz ML series,

W164 Mercedes-Benz GL series,

W251-Mercedes-Benz R series,

W166-Mercedes-Benz ML series,

W212-Mercedes-Benz E series,

W207 Mercedes-Benz C series,

W204-Mercedes-Benz X series.

Addition: W251 and W164 belong to the same kind, W216 and W221 belong to the same kind, W212, W207, W204 belong to the same kind.



Q: What is the version of the keylessgo smart key, V76 or v75?

A:  It does not have versions. It is compatible with multiple key versions.


Q: It can be used for once only or can be renewed?

A: It can be renewed.


Q: Universal Benz FBS3 Keyless Smart key can use the diagspeed and polidaig?

A: Yes.



Q: this key is reusable like cgdi keyless go key ?

A: Yes, it is reusable.